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Xj900rk Seca

Average User Rating:
  1. Tim morris
    "God smiling on the details"
    Pros - Big hp
    Cons - None
    Looks flawless from hear
  2. Sieg
    "When he revved it to 9k, I lost a filling"
    Pros - Mint
    Cons - I was 6 when it was built.
    Looks as if it came off the assembly line maybe 3 years ago and saw 1000 miles a season!
  3. Nastn8
    Pros - Absolutely beautiful!
    Cons - More Pictures please! And some close ups!
    I feel like the paint is shinier than factory!
  4. Stumplifter
    "Clean machine"
    Pros - Dave's skills as a surrogate to old bikes are epic and this is but one example of what love and patience can bring.
    Cons - None, just test driving the Review $ Rate feature after Dave's post of the Yamma Mamma winning another award.
    envy, lust, and appreciation

    That is the reason why I am posting a review.
    1. hogfiddles
      Thank you!
  5. littlegiant
    "Wonderful bike"
    Great looking bike
  6. jamings67
    "Nice Bike"
    I like the bike
  7. Johnxj900&cb1100r
    "Wonderful bike"
    beautifully presented. Probably the best colour scheme too
  8. Toomanybikes
    "Killer color"
    Pros - Love the red and blk
    Cons - We couldn't get that colour in Canada :(
    I'd buy it in a flash if I could find one that clean
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  9. k-moe
    Pros - A fine example of a 900. Well preserved.
    Cons - None.
    Original and Complete
  10. oscarkilo
    Pros - That thing looks brand new
    Cons - None. Just that it's not custom but that's just me. haha.
    Awesome bike. Nice and clean. Bet it rides smooth.