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Need a Mechanic -Barn Find - 82 XJ750 Seca - help finding Detroit area mechanic

Discussion in 'Reviews - Service, Online, Retail Shop' started by Motown, Aug 14, 2022.

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    Hi All,
    New to the forum, first post. I recently picked up an 82 XJ750 Seca. I live the Metro Detroit area.
    Trying to get it back on the road before the end of the riding season. I owned one when I was younger and loved the bike. That's why I bought this one, thinking I could revive an old classic.

    I'm not a mechanic but can do basic stuff like change oil, troubleshoot minor mechanical
    issues. Not good with electrical, Carbs, or brakes. Here's where I'm at with the bike:
    - tank cleaned, new petcock installed, new filter installed
    - Carbs were cleaned by a friend (motorcycle safety class instructor) who works on older bikes and
    owned a Maxim for many years
    - Front brakes reassembled and not working properly, still soft and squishy
    - Bike dies when putting it into gear. I've read the threads on the Clutch, side stand, and neutral light
    solutions. To date I've only by passed the side stand switch - no help, still dies. The Neutral light does
    come on and goes off when shifted into a gear. Haven't tried to replace it or started on the clutch switch.

    After the initial carb cleaning it ran, idled and but wasn't throttling up smoothly. Had the Carb
    cleaned a second time thinking it might be a needle valve or blockage due to gunk.
    Now the bike won't idle and despite it getting warmed up still won't throttling up smoothly.
    Next thought is to replace the intake boots on both side of the carb.
    I've ran it with 12oz of Seafoam in an almost empty gas tank and seen no help there yet.

    I'm not a mechanic and running out time and patience.

    I'm looking for someone I can take it to finish getting this running. Again I'm in the Metro Detroit
    area and there are a very very small # of places that will even touch this old of a bike.
    Anyone know of a good mechanic I can take it to in Michigan. I don't mind traveling to take
    it to someone who can help.

    I'm open to learning and willing to do the work, but after banging my head on the garage wall
    for a couple months I'm at the end of my rope. From what I've been reading you guys have a huge
    wealth of knowledge and experience and willing to help noobs like me.


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