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92 xj600s diversion wiring

Discussion in 'XJ DIY How-To Instructions' started by jamie grimsley, Oct 22, 2018.


could any 1 help we wiring im struggling were 3 wires as there all white alsothe red wire 1st time

  1. 3 white wire 1 red wire struggle we haynes manuals

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  2. 1st big bike

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  1. jamie grimsley

    jamie grimsley New Member

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    ripley derbyshire
    hi 1st big bike project its come to rewiring and im struggling and dont understand haynes manuals 1st wire is the red 1 near were battery goes also ive got 3 white wires that connect to another 3 but not sure which way round also have a black wire conected to engine like an earth but nothing on other end also have 2 wires coming out bottom of engine 1 is plugged in but no hole to were other goes which is green and yellow on other end is green plug wats connected to wirin harnessany help wud be apreciated

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